If you would like to learn more about joining Explorer Search and Rescue, come to one of the orientation meetings listed below. They are held in the meeting room of a branch of the Pierce County Library and last about an hour. There will be a short presentation about the organization, the membership requirements, and the training program and plenty of time for questions.

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ESAR training hike – overnight in the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Eight ESAR members, two guests (possibly going through training), and two dogs, backpacked to Goat Lake in Lewis County.  We carried our gear, worked out a few kinks in personal equipment, played with a tarp shelter and had a blast.  As always, “If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training”, we had good weather on the way out to Goat Lake, that night it rained and buffeted us with gale force winds.  Everyone was up and ready to go in the rain as we headed back out via the Snowgrass trail, adding a couple extra miles to our journey.

Missing Adult in Clallam County 7-29-17

ESAR responded to a search for a missing young adult on Friday 7-28-17.  Searchers worked on Saturday 7-29-17 for 11 hours.  The missing person had been missing since April. ESAR searchers worked with multiple other organizations to help look for evidence in this on going search.

Tacoma search 8-7-17

This morning Search and Rescue units responded to a search for an elderly woman who had wandered off in the Tacoma area.  Searchers looked for about 4 hours, finally the woman was located.  Thank you to all ESAR members that responded.

White River 50 mile Run – ESAR support 8-5-17

Pierce County Explorer Search and Rescue helped support the White River 50 mile run on Saturday.  There were about 260 runners across a 50-mile course from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm.  ESAR was stationed at every check point and ensured the runners’ safety by ensuring each runner was accounted for, as well as providing communications and onsite first-aid.

ESAR is about community service.  We have members from all over Pierce County, some are as young as 14 years old, others are continuing to serve well into their retirement years.  We are men, women, boys and girls, from varied backgrounds, but we all choose to be there when we are needed.