Social-Knitting Top Finished!

Tonight, I actually, really and truly, finished a piece of knitting. For me.

Last February I bought a beautiful purple/pink hank of rayon yarn from Interlacements at Stitches West. I was careful with this one (I’ll tell you later about the yarn from Interlacements I bought the year before and wasn’t careful about!) and got it wound into two neat balls.

I cast on an absolutely basic t-shirt top. I call this my Social-Knitting Top because I wanted something I could work on with a minimum of thought – so I could knit and visit and watch tv all at the same time. The directions (as I rearranged them) called for knitting in the round for 15 inches, then dividing for front and back, adding seven stitches on either side for sleeves, and knitting until I ran out of yarn. Which I did – I believe there’s about 5 yards left.

The rayon yarn came pre-pulled – by that I mean the separate strands of yarn were already twisting free and poking about. So, this is a top that’s going to look well-loved and well-lived-in very quickly. The sleeves are too short to be flattering, and the boat neckline is inclined to show my bra straps. But the colors are glorious and I’m already considering the advantages of a purple cardigan or shrug to wear over this.

As soon as I get a good photo, I’ll add it.

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