Experimenting with Tattoos

Somehow or other, I ended up with one of the little Dover books of temporary tattoos (they’re Celtic, so they may have been hanging around since St Patrick’s time (that is, my time in the Guild of St Patrick’s!))

I wondered – would they work with Polymer Clay/ Based on two experiments so far – yes, mostly.

The first one I tried was the mermaid. I followed the directions and applied her to raw clay, then baked it. She came out with a crackle finish.

The dog I tried on a pre-baked base. I had a little more trouble getting the backing off, but that may have been user error. (I have 8 more experiment with.) That one ended up looking a little rubbed.

They both looked “antiqued” and I love it! The circles are badly ragged because I tried using the lid to a spice jar for a cutter (the only handy thing large enough for the tattoos) and it doesn’t have a sharp edge. I’m going to seal these, string one of them and get my nephew to give it a field trial next week – if it survives Patrick I have a winner<g>.

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