Sunflower Birthday Card

Jeanette loves Sunflowers so that’s what she got on her birthday card.

This card is 4″ square (the line along the bottom of the front is an acrylic ruler holding the card closed.)

The photo on the front I took last summer at Luther Burbank Home & Gardens. (My camera has a good telephoto lens – I was not that close to a bee!)

The interior sunflower is a random internet find – I did a search for “sunflower coloring sheet” and found it. I colored it in Photoshop, and kludged my way through Illustrator to create an svg file. I imported that into Silhouette Studio Designer Edition for my cutting line. I’m sure I did it the long way round, it’s something to work on…

I did a lot of searching for decent “exploding card” instructions and/or videos. Lots on “exploding boxes”, not so much the card, but I finally found enough info.

The Happy Birthday confetti is from the Silhouette online store. (happy_birthday_with_shadow__C00942_19210) I calculated that I could fit 2″ pieces in the card, so I shrank it *way* down and set up a row of 4. I then created a rectangle on top of that, and filled it with a gradient. I printed just the gradient onto some photo paper that wasn’t working for me for photos, but gave the confetti a little shine. Then I cut them. I love how the Cameo can handle tiny little details! I had to finesse the ‘y’ on 2 of them, but the other two popped right out.

Another card, another several learning experiences<g> I’m having a blast!

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