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Progress Report: 31 Day Organizational Challenge

I’m taking Laura’s OrgJunkie 31 Day Organizational Challenge this month.

I’ve been making progress by fits and starts.

I took Laura’s advice and cleared out all the obvious trash and junk first. Made more of a difference than I’d like to admit…

And then there were things like this. I lifted up the comforter that was sitting on top of the plastic milk crate that was sitting on one of the dining chairs that had migrated into the living room… and found a nest of light bulbs. I have Absolutely No Idea…

Nest of Lightbulbs

I’ve been steadily working on getting the crafting stuff shifted into the craft room. Which isn’t going to make *that* project easier – but it’s doing wonders for the living room! I’m not trying to sort or purge any of it (except for the cross stitch stuff that I know is going out.)

Then, after no one on Freecycle was interested in a FREE TV, my sister came over and we got the tv and stand loaded into the cars and hauled off to Goodwill. It’s only been sitting idle in the corner of the living room for three years now…


I’ve jumped ahead on a couple points. In the Planning step, I decided I wanted to use the living room to store my knitting supplies, which are overflowing a pink portable case and covering half the sofa. So I decided a bench with cubbies for under the front window would be perfect. Well – while scouting Target to see what might be available, I found just what I was looking for – on sale. So, I bought two! Plus the six fabric boxes to go with them. My sister’s coming over this weekend to help me put them together.

The other point I jumped WAY ahead on isn’t even in the PROCESS list. I bought paint samples and painted two poster boards to audition them. Bless Pinterest and blogs – I now know how to paint faux-paneling. And, thanks to this challenge, I’ll be able to get close enough to the walls to do so!

So far, so good! I’m happy with my progress and can see how I’m going to finish by the end of March.

31-Day Organizational Challenge

I have accepted that clutter can’t be organized. And that I have way too much “stuff.”

So, I’m giving Freecycle, Goodwill and the trash a workout this month, and joining Laura at Organizing Junkie for a month-long organizational challenge!


I’m tackling the Living Room. It was a toss-up between that and the Craft Room/Office. But that one’s a little more (no, a lot more) intimidating – and I’d like a Success before I try that!

Before photos, in no particular order:









There are a few points in the Living Room I like. The wall of custom-built RED paperback bookshelves a friend built for me. The little red candle light hanging in front of them. The stack of books (you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to use books as a stand!), pottery, and fake fern (mostly) hiding power cords.