So – who am I? My given name is Kristen, Kris in the family. But to my “other” family – the folks I worked with at the old Renaissance Pleasure FaireĀ  – I’m Neassa, an Irish name borrowed from a determined and crafty mother. To my sisters’ kids I’m Zia – that’s Italian for aunt, one of them’s part-Italian, and I wanted a special name all my own.

So – Zianessa is in large part who I am. (I also really like the way it rolls trippingly off my tongue.) I’m an aunt to four teenagers and a twenty-something. My leisure time is spent, as much as possible, doing living history. Right now, that mostly means the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco.

My tastes are for the historical, the fantastic, the steampunkish. My cat and I share a small place with a whole lot of books. And craft supplies. And books. And books.

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